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Get Sh*t Done with The Pack

Many of us are 'lone wolves' who think we need to do things on our own. We've found the 'power of The Pack' has moved us from uncertainty + stuckness into clarity + momentum. 

The Pack is a monthly membership that includes an online community + downloadable content:

🎯  Goal-Setting webinar recordings

🗓️  Monthly Review webinar recordings

✍🏽  Plan & Review channel to share your goals (and get inspired by others)

🎉  Wins, Help, Collab and other channels

✅  Get Sh*t Done and Daily Check-in channels

📓  4 Quick Tips for Getting Unstuck eBook

Valued at $144/month (+ $213 value with goal-setting methodology and eBook)

You pay $99/month. Cancel anytime. 

Want more information? 

Set your goals

Effective goal-setting is all about the yin and yang: there's no use gunning for your work goals if your health or relationships suffer, right?

Learn our OCKIV goal-setting framework that integrates both head and heart. Then, for extra accountability, post your goals in our app (optional) and get inspired by seeing the goals set by other members.

Get sh*t done daily
Now you're clear on your goals, it's time to action them on a daily basis. Post your #todos in your daily check-in. It's got an in-built #score system so you're accountable to each day's priorities.

Then join us in the Get Sh*t Done channel where you take action! It's the Pomodoro technique on steroids, using the power of positive peer pressure to help you conquer procrastination and overwhelm (and get sh*t done).

Bonus: eBook

The "4 Quick Tips for Getting Unstuck" eBook is a short, simple guide to move you from stuckness to action. Perfect for perfectionists and procrastinators!


1. When can I start my goal-setting?

You can start at any time. Actually, there's no day like today!

2. Is this a recurring payment?

Yes. It's a monthly recurring membership and you can cancel at any time. Just make sure to cancel at least 48 hours before the next payment is due (to give time for the cancellation to go through).

3. Do you offer a guarantee?

While we want you to be satisfied with your membership purchase, you also need to do the work. It's not enough to buy, ignore it, conclude "it doesn't work" and then ask for a refund. This is not a magic pill.

The Pack membership works ... but only if you work it! There's lots of structure built into our community and our webinars (so you don't have to figure it out on your own) but you have to be willing to take action. One of our mantras is Just show up! If you consistently turn up, with patience and persistence, the momentum will come. 

So here's the guarantee: if you post at least 3 times on Slack within the first 3 days, and you're still not satisfied, please write to us at and we'll refund you the full amount.

4. Who can I contact with any questions?

Email (FYI Faiā is the parent company of The Pack).

5. Who is The Pack?

In 2016, George Siosi Samuels started The Pack. In the years since, we've been helping entrepreneurs and professinoals get back on track with their goals through daily accountability and a supportive community.

We once tried to close down The Pack (because it was a side hustle for us) but our members insisted on it continuing! 

We have a dedicated group of Packsters (members) who turn up to do their daily check-ins, take action in the #get-shit-done channel and do their #goal-setting.

If this is what you're looking for, we'd love for you to join us. 

"The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the Pack."

This product is not currently for sale.

Goal-Setting webinar recordings + access to our online community + eBook

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$99 a month

The Pack membership

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