Goal-Setting Template


Do you set goals ... but don't have a place to go back to review them?

Do you find images or affirmations that motivate you ... but lose track of them?

In our productivity accelerator, The Pack, we've created goal-setting templates to capture our goals. . And we'd love you to benefit from them too.

You get access to:

  1. A blank template with instructions to fill out with your goals (valued at $29)

  2. A sample goal-setting template (valued at $9) to give you ideas and prompts

  3. Five recorded webinars to step-by-step you through the process (valued at $79) including:
    a) mind-mapping where you are today (the "before")
    b) your heart- and head-centered goals (yin and yang)
    c) the halfway review (so you stay on track)
    d) the final review (so you review your progress, ready to start the next round)

Total value: $127
You pay $49

*If you haven't used Notion before, it's fabulous! Easily customisable, sleek design. You can add your own images and words, track your progress on key results with in-built calculations.

This product is not currently for sale.

Notion template and sample, plus recorded webinars x 5

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Goal-Setting Template